The Benefits of Having a Water Softener

If you frequently stay at hotels, you probably know what soft water feels like. And you may even realize that it's different from the water in your home. This is because hotels have discovered the many benefits of having a water softener in place. But what makes water soft and why would you want it in your home? A water softener is merely a device that removes minerals like lime and calcium from your water before it flows from the taps in your home. And there are several advantages to pre-treating your water in this way.

a practical standpoint, it can save you time and money. Minerals like lime and calcium can wreak havoc on your plumbing fixtures, appliances, and more. For starters, they can build up on surfaces. And this can not only cause unsightly scales on your faucets and rings in your tub and toilet, but it could also lead to deterioration and damage on surfaces that water is in prolonged contact with. This, in turn, could force you to repair or replace items in your home prematurely. In addition, of course, you'll spend no shortage of time and cleaning supplies trying to remove the scaly build-up caused by these minerals in your water supply.

That's not all it will cost you, though. Have you noticed that soap and shampoo lather up really well when you use them at the hotel but don't work nearly as well at home? Soft water can create more lather, meaning you get more suds with less soap. This could help you save money on the toiletries you use every day.

Soft water can also be desirable from a health standpoint. Just think about how much water you ingest each day. If you're following your doctor's advice, you're drinking at least eight glasses a day. And you're consuming minerals along the way if you have hard water in your home. You could purchase a variety of filtration systems to combat these excess minerals in your drinking water, but why spend extra when you could enjoy the many benefits to be offered by the Best Water Softener in Oklahoma City?

The best part is that installing a water softener doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Some have a one-time fee, while others can be rented. Either way, you're going to offset the cost with savings and end up with healthier, less harmful water in your home.

Does The Water Feel Like Rocks In The Shower? This Can Be Eliminated With The Best Water Softener Systems

Unfortunately water isn’t always naturally soft and odor free. Sulphur and a variety of other things can enter the water supply to a home or business. Water can be drawn from a public or private water supply and contain calcium and magnesium. These two components can make your skin feel slimy when combined with the soap that is being used.

When these agents are in the water, it’s important to have one of the best water softener systems installed. The softening system assists in effective cleaning of the soap. Clothes items will not appear dingy when soft water is used. Water softeners do not eliminate bacteria or any other germs from water.

One of the best water softener systems eliminates the hard particles from your water. It can also reduce lime in the water. The process is through ion exchange. The electrical charge is different in each water softener. The electrical charge assists in retaining these particles inside of the mineral tank. The tank only holds a certain amount of mineral before it needs to be regenerated.

If you’re concerned about using salt to soften your water and cleanse your holding tank, you can choose a from several salt free water softener systems. The salt free systems use the TAC process. With this type of process, the calcium ions are changed into calcium crystals. These crystals wash down the drain when they lose their binding and scaling ability.

A benefit of these types of systems is a home water softener will not need to have salt regularly hauled into the home and placed into a tank. This saves time and money. In addition, it can stop scale build-up in your toilets, pipes and appliances in a home that use water. They do not need any type of control valve on them because no backwash water is ever wasted. They also require very little maintenance.

Salt tanks tend to become clogged when the salt is stuck together. It is also important with salt tanks that they always have salt in them. If the tank becomes empty, staining can occur from iron and mineral build up in the water.

There is no reason to suffer with hard water. Water softeners can let homeowner’s enjoy the best water purification systems for soft water, cleaner clothes and overall better quality in the water entering their home. Contact an experienced water quality specialist to receive your soft water.