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For the Best Water, Choose a Whole House Water Filtration System

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While municipal water systems and private wells may deliver water that is safe to use, the water may still contain substances that create issues for homeowners.

Municipal water supplies are routinely treated with chemicals that adversely affect the taste and smell of water. In addition, those supplies may also include minerals that tend to create other problems.

Because the quality of water will vary from one neighborhood to another, we at General Ionics generally recommend testing the water to determine just what is really in your water.

Once the test results are returned, General Ionics water treatment professionals can better assess your home's needs and suggest a filtration system to meet those needs.

A Whole House Water Filtration System will generally be recommended, as conditioned water will be available from any tap to ensure residents and appliances have the best quality water possible. But it's important you, as a homeowner, understand the rationale for installing a whole house water filtration system.

Why Consider a Filtration System?

All homes rely on water for more than drinking or bath area needs. That's why General Ionics recommends a careful analysis of your specific needs before deciding on an approach to improving the water quality.

There are several factors present for you to consider, and each one contributes to specific water quality needs.
Appliances need a quality water supply to function better and last longer. Water heaters, for example, will need replacement much sooner if the water supply contains large quantities of minerals. Washing machines and dishwashers perform poorly when too many minerals are present, commonly leaving stains and making fabrics feel coarse to the touch.

Water straight from a municipal supply is routinely treated with chlorine or other chemicals that are not considered desirable. Our quality water softener systems remove a variety of chemicals, making water taste and smell better. You'll find coffee, tea, and other beverages taste far better with treated water.

Fewer plumbing repairs are needed when filtration systems are in place. Water with a high concentration of minerals or chemicals will cause premature failure of fixtures and plumbing fittings throughout a home or business. Our filtration systems are designed to carefully match the needs of each user, greatly increasing the lifespan of plumbing systems and appliances.

A whole house filtration system covers all the bases, not only providing a better tasting and safer water supply, but also saving your family money on repairs in the home.

Why Consider a Whole House System?

Because your home may get its water supply from municipal sources or a private well, you will have unique filtration needs. There are several types of filtering technologies available to treat the supply based on the specific properties of the water.

Hardness caused by a high mineral content will be treated a little differently than water with other impurities present. The whole house filtration system General Ionics water specialists will recommend will be tailored to match your water supply's profile.

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What Levels of Treatment Are Available?
Whole House Systems are somewhat dynamic in nature, meaning General Ionics filtration systems can meet your home's evolving needs. Water supplies will change over time, and if the need arises, we can provide components to make sure your family's water supply is always safe.

We know how unpleasant odors or tastes can affect drinking water, cooking and cleaning, and will work with you to make sure you are satisfied everything possible is done to improve your water supply.

Each level of filtration offers unique qualities designed to provide the best water supply possible. A General Ionics water expert will help you determine which equipment combination best meets your home's unique needs.
Why Is Reverse Osmosis Used?
Many property owners are under the impression a reverse osmosis system is complex and made up of multiple components. In fact, it is a relatively simple process developed to convert more brackish water to a drinkable supply. It is commonly recommended where turbidity is an issue or where the water supply is known to contain high levels of many unwanted minerals or other contaminants.

Reverse osmosis is an integral part of most whole house water filtration systems, as it is effective and environmentally sound.

Are New Systems Environmentally Friendly? The short answer is yes. We often suggest a whole-house system that uses no salt or other chemicals and does so in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, it's important to note these systems provide a pure water supply that can eliminate the need for bottled water. The end result is your family will enjoy a high-quality water supply while, at the same time, reducing your environmental footprint.

Start on the road to better water today. Contact a General Ionics water professional for an analysis of your water and options available to improve it. To make getting better tasting water even easier, make the phone call now and get a 10-day free trial.